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Terrence Sanders has contributed to the landscape of contemporary art as a poet, filmmaker, artist, photographer, gallerist, curator, museum director, musician, publisher of Artvoices Art Books, and publisher and editor-in-chief of Artvoices Magazine. Sanders mission as Editor-In-Chief of Artvoices Magazine (Established 2008) was to create a platform for emerging, neglected and under recognized artists. Sanders modus operandi is rooted in social activism. In the past 25 years Sanders has created 33 bodies of work featured in exhibits worldwide. In New Orleans he created a memorial featuring the 1,800 plus names engraved in gold leaf on granite on the façade of the ‘Saratoga Building’ in New Orleans dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Sanders opened 4 contemporary art galleries over the past 11 years. Terrence Sanders Gallery (New Orleans), Untitled Art Projects (Los Angeles) and Sanders, Smith & Stokes (New Orleans) and Artists 101 (Los Angeles). He is currently the Director of the Makeshift Museum in the arts district of Los Angeles.